Yoga with Gloria

Great work out for your Body, Mind, and Soul!

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Rarely do you find an activity that simultaneously calms the mind, strengthens the body, and uplifts the soul. I have found that yoga does all of this for me, and I have made it one of my life goals to share yoga’s benefits with other people.

I have studied for more than 200 hours under the tutelage of the internationally known yoga teachers at the Avalon Yoga Studio in Palo Alto and have achieved certification with the Yoga Alliance.   I am certified with 100 hours of training to teach Yoga Tune Up®, an integrative yoga therapy developed and created by Jill Miller. I have also trained for over 200 hours with Lee Holden to teach Qi Gong. 

On the first day of Yoga Tune Up Level 1 teacher training, I learned that I will always continue to be a student of my practice as it helps me live better in my body. Similarly, I am excited to share my practice with you! I teach all levels, giving many options for both advanced and beginners. I try to break down even the hardest poses to make them simple, effective, and accessible to all.
I am also passionate about teaching kids yoga. I am currently teaching children on a weekly basis as part of their school enrichment program. I also do weekly volunteer work for children.

I am available for corporate and private training, and I have several studio sessions open to the public. Please review my schedule for locations and prices.